Our newest missions partner is Hands At Work. It's a ministry that mobilizes the local church across Africa to care for the orphans the widows and the dying in the most vulnerable communities. The way Hands does this is by equipping local men and women from churches in communities in Africa with what they need to care for the most vulnerable children in their community

We have partnered with a community in Zambia, Africa by the name of Nissi. It is a urban community that has had many challenges, it has been hit hard with the HIV Aids pandemic, leaving many children orphaned it has also experiences extreme poverty and has many big struggles such a prostitution and putting young girls in dangerous situations. But a few years back Hands At Work has moblized the local church in Nissi to start caring for 200 children.

Our partnership involves learning the names of these christian men and women who are serving to help provide daily food, basic education and health care for things like malaria and cholera which are often a huge issue for people in this community. These support workers also visit these families on a regular basis building relationships with them, praying with them and sharing the love of Jesus with them.

So how can you become involved? You can join us in praying for the care workers and the families of Nissi and you can join in giving financially to this ministry.

For more information about the community of Nissi check it out here

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