The Bowlers are global workers in West Africa, living in Dakar, Senegal with their two boys Mathias (May 1996) and David (October 1999). Dakar is the largest and the capital city of this 95% Muslim nation, situated just south of the Sahara desert on the West Coast of Africa. French and Wolof are the most common languages spoken. Phil is the regional educational resource missionary for West Africa. This position involves teaching, administration, and consulting in the three PAOC fields of this region: Senegal, Liberia, and Guinea. He assists in strengthening and stabilizing the various programs of theological education and leadership training in the Bible colleges of these countries. Judy works with women's ministry, teaching and strengthening women.

Together, with their team Phil and Judy work to develop Christian Schools in the country. Most of these children come from Muslim homes. They also are doing micro entrerprise development with 125 women in a target community near Dakar. More recently, they have been seeing an increased number of physical healings and are praying for a further move of the Spirit and to see many come to Lord over the next years. Please join us in prayer...Let's Fight for the Right of the Love of God to Rule in Senegal!