Sponsor a Child In Your Community This Chritmas...

You don't have to look far to see that beneath the seemingly idyllic life we enjoy in Penticton, there are real needs in our community. According to the BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition, one in six children in the Central Okanagan are living in poverty. The report goes on to reveal that children in single-parent families are at particular risk, with rates six times higher than the poverty rates for children in two-parent families. Forty-eight percent of children in single-parent families live in poverty in our region. The pressing need for affordable housing and affordable childcare option for single parents is made worse by their very real need to have food support as well as support for those with addiction and mental health concerns. You may ask why, when so many struggle with the basic necessities of life, we would invest in an idea like the Shop of Wonders. The answer is simple: we’ve seen how the simple act of helping parents give their children good gifts during the Christmas season makes a difference in how they see themselves.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! This year we’re offering the opportunity for you to sponsor a child in your community. Your gift of $100 will cover the costs of a gift package for a child.

Each child will receive:

      • Three stocking stuffers
      • Two "Elf" gifts
      • One "Santa" gift

Last year, we stocked our shelves with over 1000 toys for parents to shop for their children.  This year we want to greatly expand our reach so we can care for more families in the community at one of the most special times of the year.

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