4 Thoughts About Generosity

If you are a normal human being, you likely think about money every single day. It's only natural. The real problem is that we rarely feel good about our financial situation. We're always worrying.  How can we stop worrying about money all the time? The Bible is clear: the key to being free from worry in regard to... Read More


3 Tips to Improve Your Prayer Life

Do you find prayer difficult? I do. Sometimes it's the easiest thing in the world, but sometimes there seems to be an impenetrable barrier between me and God making prayer impossible.  Prayer has helped me through so many difficult situations. It has also empowered me during the good times.  Whenever my prayers... Read More


Five Reasons to Join a Life Group!

As a church, we are about to embark on a five-week Life Group initiative. We are asking everyone to commit to being a part of a Life Group for just five weeks. There are so many wonderful reasons to be a part of a Life Group all the time, but we chose five to share with you. Hopefully you’ll agree that the... Read More


Parent’s Survival Guide For Spring Break

If you’re like most parents, you both love and dread Spring Break. It is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, and enjoy the changing weather and longer days. But keeping your kids out of trouble and from driving you crazy is a challenge! Wouldn’t it be great to just enjoy Spring Break, and really... Read More

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Change is Good!

As you all know we have a wonderful new Pastor and his family who I adore already. The days are flying by and we are well into the new year, and with that comes change. Everyone is always excited for a new year and a fresh start; however, change is a word that can propel you forward in life, or make you take two... Read More

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Bethel Church's 28 Days of Prayer update

We are one week into our 28 Days of Prayer. It has been encouraging to hear from many of you that you have been following along in the devotional booklet. It is so empowering to know that when I read my Bible and pray through the daily prayer points, many others are doing the very same thing. I know that we will... Read More

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