LifeGroups are an essential expression of our church’s mission. They offer everyone the opportunity to live out the message of Jesus in community with others. They provide the context to ask questions, study with others, care for needs, and offer encouragement to those who are struggling. 

Our LifeGroups will include 4 key aspects of spiritual growth: prayer, care, connection and serving. Each group will be unique in how they choose to approach these things, but they will be a core structure in our groups. 

LifeGroups run in a semester format: Fall, Winter & Spring and then a break for the Summer. Your commitment to the group is for an 8-10 week semester, at which point you can choose to try a new group, find one that fits your availability when your schedule changes, or stay with the same group. This also provides a great time for people who are new to Bethel to join a group!

We also offer Life Electives. Life Electives meet for specific periods of time, and accomplish a specific purpose in our church and community. Electives can look like support groups, classes, and programs.

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We'd love to help you get connected, if you have any questions please contact Pastor Kiersten