John 14

When was the last time you had to stop and ask someone for directions? Who you ask determines the type of directions you’ll get. We all hope for the straightforward, easy-to-remember directions and not the ones with East, West, 8 Km’s, and turn at the house with the chicken coop type directions! These days, we’ve become so accustomed to relying on our phones for everything – including NAVIGATION – but even Siri can take you on the “scenic route” if you’re not careful! For many people, the belief that peace of mind & heart is a destination arrived at by carefully charting a course that leads through success, establishing security for the future, and making fond memories all while minimizing pain, avoiding difficulty, and dodging disaster. Most of us realize pretty quickly that such an accommodating route is more wishful thinking than reality! In this, the last of our I AM series Pastor Jeremy unpacks Jesus’ teaching on how to have peace of heart and mind in spite of any situation you find yourself in.