The Marriage Course

Wednesdays at 7pm starting February 10, 2021 (hosted online)

No marriage is perfect, but every marriage is worth investing in. In fact, investing in your marriage is one of the best decisions you can make as a couple. That's what The Marriage Course is for. 

The Marriage Course is a 7-session course designed to support couples looking for practical ways to strengthen their relationship. Because of current gathering restrictions, we will be hosting the entire course online. This actually gives lots of extra flexibility for couples who have to juggle busy schedules, or the needs of their kids. Ask us for more info about that...

Over seven sessions, the course covers: Strengthening Connection, The Art of Communication, Resolving Conflict, The Power of Forgiveness, The Impact of Family, Good Sex and Love in Action.

Watch the promo video below

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Email [email protected] for questions, or check the "How will it work?" section below the video. 

How will it work?

Each week you'll receive a Zoom call invitation in your email (download Zoom here). Use that link to join the Zoom chat with all the participants at 7pm each Wednesday. The Zoom chat will last 10-15 minutes, and just serves as a time to connect.

During the Zoom chat, you'll receive a link and password to access each week's video. At that point, you and your spouse are on your own, and can watch the video at your own pace. Do you need to pause to put kids to bed? No problem! Do you need to finish it the next day? Great! 

The video gives instructions along the way for you and your spouse to interact with the material. There is no "big group" conversation where you have to share all your marriage challenges. It's just you and your spouse. And there's no need to sign back into Zoom when you're done the video. 

When you return to the next week's Zoom chat, you're free to share your thoughts on the previous week's material, but you don't have to.