"Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed" (Luke 5:16)

To unhurry his life, Jesus prioritzed spending time in quiet places. The busier Jesus' schedule got, the more time he spend alone with his heavenly Father. 

Silence and solitude are difficult practices for many, but utterly important. Our world is full of noise, but God speaks in quiet places. Our soul needs quiet in order to recharge. Our mind needs quiet in order to be reminded of what's important. Our heart needs quiet in order to be healed and made whole by God. 

If Jesus needed time alone in the quiet, do we think we don't?

Try the following in order to begin developing the practices of silence and solitude in your life:

1. Find a quiet time and place. For some, it's a chair in their living room early in the morning. For others, it may be out in the woods, or a cozy corner of the garden. We need a place of retreat where we can be alone with God uninterrupted. 

2. Practice silence. Once you're settled in your quiet place, spend time in complete silence. The goal is merely to be "present" with God. You may find it helpful to set a timer. Start small. Do it for 2-10 minutes. It's easy for your mind to wander in the quiet, so try to focus it by thinking of a scripture verse you know, or picturing an image of Jesus. 

The following sermons and sermon series' are all about silence and solitude. Listen to them for further teaching and advice. 

Sermon: Silence & Solitude (May 2020)

This sermon explained the basics of silence and solitude, warned of potential hazzards, and provided practical steps for implementation.