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On Sunday we announced the purchase of new interlocking chairs to replace the benches in our auditorium.


You may ask, "Why do we need to replace the benches?"

The primary purpose of getting new seating is to make our auditorium more multifunctional. We have a wonderful worship space, but its potential usage is limited by the immobility of the benches. New chairs will enable us to improve and expand our ministry. 

These interlocking chairs give us the ability to arrange seating based on the type of event we are hosting, or even to easily remove all the seating. We can host seminars and conferences with round table seating. We could do dessert theatres, and discussion nights. We are also planning to host the Alpha course in the new year.

We also envision welcoming the community to great events like a winter fun fair. Imagine children in sock feet enjoying bouncy castles and fun games at a time of year when outdoor events aren't feasible. 

Features (see picture)

The new seats feature a sturdy frame with comfortable cushion seats, and a great warranty. The chairs interlock to form benches.

They have a pocket to hold offering envelopes, guest cards and prayer request cards. There is also a book rack and communion cup holder. *colour not as shown in the picture

How can you help?

We want to give you an opportunity to make this vision for ministry possible. Each chair costs about $55, and we are purchasing 525 chairs. Wouldn't it be great if everyone covered the cost of their own chair, and one for someone else?

You can give in multiple ways:

1. On Sunday, give by cash or cheque using an offering envelope. Be sure to mark your gift on the "Building Fund" line, or write "New Chairs" on the "other" line. 

2. Use the debit/credit machine on Sunday or during office hours. Be sure to mark your gift on the "Building Fund" line of an offering envelope, or write "New Chairs" on the "other" line. 

3. Give online through our Canada Helps account. Select "Building Fund" to direct your gift to the right place. Here's the link: