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Over the 90+ years of Bethel's existence, we have always understood the value of having a high quality facility in which and from which we can do effective ministry. It is imperative that we care for, maintain and regularly update our facility, so that long after you and I are gone, our kids and grandkids can still worship here. 

Over the past several years, we have made it our goal to try to do at least one major facility project per year, along with smaller projects as needed and as opportunity arises. We’ve been able to replace a large portion of our roof, update elements of our income property next door, as well as the Green House storage building. We freshened up our kids ministry spaces, we purchased our new auditorium chairs last year, and we are currently rebuilding and re-wiring the stage.

On Sunday, we announced our next project. We are purchasing and installing a new sound system. Our current system has served us well for the last 25 years, but it has reached the end of its life cycle, and is starting to struggle. Our new system includes updated technologies that will provide us with a clearer, more pleasant sound for the next 20-25 years. 

As with any project of this scope it comes with a cost. We are asking that the congregation give a special offering on top of their regular giving to help cover this cost. On top of funds already assigned to this project, we are asking for $10,000 from the congregation. Anything above $10,000 will go toward future projects. 

Please direct your offering to the Building Fund. As usual, you can give cash or check in the offering plate, use the debit machine in the foyer, or give online (click here). 

Thank you!