Gathering regularly for fellowship, accountability, Bible study and prayer, Bethel Life Groups are an essential expression of our church’s mission.

Life Groups offer everyone the opportunity to live out the message of Jesus in community with other believers. They provide the context to ask questions, study with others, care for needs and offer encouragement to those who are struggling. 

Our Desire is to see everyone, who calls Bethel Penticton their church home, in a LifeGroup. Some groups are near capacity for space so that all our groups are not listed as 'looking for new members' never-the-less it is our desire that all groups always have room for more people. If you see a group on our 'LifeGroup Wall' in our foyer that is not listed on the website - it is still 'open' - but more for those who have received an invitation from someone currently in the group.

There are several Bethel Life Groups that meet throughout the week in Penticton and in the surrounding area.

Click HERE to find a group that is looking for new members...