Interested in Membership at Bethel Church?
At Bethel, church membership is all about becoming a committed member of the church family. It is our members who really make Bethel work. It is not the same thing as making a commitment to Christ. It is a subsequent decision we make, in light of our relationship with Christ, to commit to the vision and values of the local Church.

What is Church Membership?

  • An individual’s public commitment to a local church
  • A requirement of the BC Societies Act
  • A commitment that people make to be part of the life and function of a local body of believers
  • A means by which the church can be governed
  • A structure of support and accountability
  • The means through which leadership is provided

The Benefits of Membership

  • A sense of belonging and inclusion
  • An opportunity to be involved in the decision making process
  • An opportunity to be involved in certain levels of leadership
  • An opportunity to provide input into the direction and vision of the church
  • Provides a spiritual covering for gifts and callings
  • Makes it possible for correction and discipline to occur in a safe and restorative manner

How Do I Become a Member?

  1. Attend Sunday services regularly for at least three months
  2. Attend the Discover Bethel Class
  3. Demonstrate a personal faith in Jesus Christ
  4. Obtain and complete a Membership Packet from the church office which contains a copy of our Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths, a copy of our Church Constitution, and an Application card
  5. Meet with a Pastor to discuss any final questions you have about membership
  6. Apply for approval from the church board

My Responsibilities as a Member

  • Regular attendance to Sunday services
  • Agreement with our statement of faith
  • Supporting the vision and direction of Bethel and its leadership
  • Faithful financial support 
  • Help protect Church unity

Transferring Church Membership
Those who have moved from another Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada church may have their membership transferred to Bethel by requesting a letter of transfer from their previous church and submitting it to the Bethel board. In such a case you are still required to attend the Discover Bethel Class.