Luke 1:36

Some people are really great gift givers; they just have a way of thinking about you and knowing exactly what you’d like or need. Have you ever unwrapped the perfect gift and said, “you know me!”? That’s the kind of gift giver God is – he knows us and what we need better than we know ourselves. Here’s the thing though, to fully receive a gift, you gotta unwrap it. You need to take it out of it’s gift wrap and see it fully for what it is - there’s no ripping the paper only partially to see what’s inside and leaving the rest unwrapped - you peel the gift wrap all the way back and display the gift proudly for all to see! On this, the first day of Advent, we’re kicking off our Christmas series “Christmas Unwrapped” where we’ll be peeling back the layers of the season to reveal the fullness of God’s gift to us in Jesus.