Exciting News!

Starting June 6th, Kids' Church will re-open for children age 2 to Grade 5 during the 9am & 11am services. Please note that for July and August, there will only be Kids' Church in the 11am service. 

The nursery will be open, but unstaffed and the nursing/changing area will be available for parents to use. 

Before Church:

  • Complete an intake form for your family. This only needs to be done once a year in the fall. You can submit your intake form to kids@betheltab.ca or you can pick one up from the church and hand it in to Lisa Grant. 
  • Register your kids for Kids' Church here.
  • Registration is open on the church website every Sunday for the following week’s services. 
  • If you are planning to attend in person services and keep your children with you, you do not need to register them for Kids’ Church. 
  • Please conduct a Wellness Check for your child before leaving for church. This includes a temperature check, as well as assessing your child for the following symptoms:


dry cough


aches and pains

sore throat

runny nose


loss of taste or smell

skin rash

  • If you or your children exhibit ANY of these symptoms, please stay home.
  • If you or your children have traveled outside the country in the last 14 days, please stay home.

When You Come to Church:


  • Please enter the church via the main entrance doors. You will see the Bethel Kids Flags marking the entrance. Follow the dots downstairs to the Check In table.
  • Kids Check In will be located downstairs in the foyer just outside the Fellowship Room. Please go directly downstairs with your kids when entering the church.
  • Please check your child into Kids’ Church at the new Check-In location BEFORE the service. Check In will be open from 10:45 - 11:00 am.
  • Touchless Check-In will be available. When you arrive, an attendant will give your child a name tag and you will receive a matching security sticker for picking them up. Do not lose this sticker! You must show this after the service to pick up your children.
  • Make sure your children have used the bathroom and washed their hands before checking into Kids’ Church.
  • All personal belongings must stay with the parents. Please do not bring any toys or food from home. Toddlers can bring a sippy cup or water bottle with their name clearly labelled.

At Church:

Kids Classes

Class Time

  • Kids' Team members and children are not required to wear a mask, but may do so if they wish.
  • Even though games and activities will be prepared with physical distance in mind, we do not expect children to maintain a safe 6ft distance from others.
  • We will do our best to limit sharing by providing each child with their own craft or game supplies and will clean all high touch surfaces between services.
  • Supplies will NOT be reused between services.
  • There will be select toy bins for each classroom, for each service. All toys will be washed and sterilized after Sunday services.

Going Home:

  • Immediately after the service, please go downstairs and return to the Kids Desk to pick up your child. Please keep in mind, we have 30 minutes to clean and reset our classrooms between services, so it is very important to pick up your children quickly.
  • Once you have shown your security sticker to the attendant, they will send a Kids’ Team member to retrieve your child for you.
  • Important! No sticker = no kids! We must see your security sticker to safely check your child out to you.
  • We ask that the same family member who dropped off the child pick up the child. This must be an adult and cannot be a sibling.
  • For added saftey during the service, only Kids’ Team Members are permitted downstairs during Check-In and Dismissal.
  • Children and family members will not be able to come back into the classrooms after they have been checked out.

As always, your family’s health and safety is very important to us! Thank you so much for your patience as we take steps to safely re-open our Sunday Children’s Ministry. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and loved.